Cocoa Nib Ice Cream

Refreshing, two ingredient ice cream. So simple and delicious that anyone could make it, yes that means you!

cocoa nib ice cream


(Serves 1 or 2, if you’re feelin nice)


2 Bananas, overripe and frozen

Handful of Organic Cocoa Nibs


Process bananas and cocoa nibs until the color turns a very light yellow and the texture is smooth.

Freeze until ready to eat (if you are in a rush, it can be eaten right then, but if you like harder ice cream then freeze for a couple more hours)


See? That was easy.


Optional Toppings/Mix-ins (for the people who like to take it to the next level):


-Goji Berries

-Coconut Chips

-Dried Fruit

-Fresh Fruit


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